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Image of Psyche et L'Amour by William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Cupid and Psyche, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825–1905). Image from ‘Salon Illustré’ (1889)

Good grief. This blog – or, rather, this project – has been a long time in the making. And yikes, it’s time now to publish the first post here – albeit a brief introductory one.

This then is Cupid’s School – The Classic Love Seduction Project – for extraordinary lovers … or, at least aspirant ones.

Cupid’s School then is all about the timeless art of classic love seduction and its attendant art of transcendent literary culture. In case you’ve not yet read what it’s all about, and the inspiration behind it, you can get started now, and whet your appetite for what’s ahead, by visiting the following pages here at Cupid’s School:

What’s more, I’ve got some extraordinary content lined up for publication over the coming weeks and months …

Here what’s coming soon …

We’ll be starting then with a series of posts I’ve written to help us develop our seductive social skills. Broadly speaking, they’ll cover, what we might call, the more tactical sort of seductive social skills. They’ll nicely complement all the insights, and the often broader and more strategic principles then, in Ovid’s Art of Love and, of course, in the Word of Venus editions of Ovid’s amorous art.

And then, God willing, I expect to follow that up with another series of posts devoted to the art of self-cultivation through literary culture. We’ll start then by exploring some of the transcendent soul-enriching and life-enhancing benefits of timeless literature in general.

Meanwhile, this post here, dear reader, represents the start of a journey, or the start of a new chapter thereof.

And so, I invite you now to join me …

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Stuart Henry

Meanwhile, as my patron poet bids me, it’s my honour now to advance Ovid’s immortal fame by ending with the words …

“Ovid was my tutor!”