How to Fathom the Enigmatic Mysteries of Woman: An Ancient Map of a ‘Dark Continent’

Image of Circe by Louis Chalon
Circe, by Louis Chalon (1866- 1940). Image from ‘Les Lettres et les Arts; Revue Illustrée’, Part 2 (1888)

Dear Reader,

Do you yearn, or otherwise aspire, to understand women … and thus fathom their oft enigmatic mysteries?

Do you nobly covet, or otherwise crave, more unassuming confidence, choice, and options with the ladies?

And, do you gallantly long to more candidly love, and be loved by, the fair?

A ‘dark continent’

Well, the renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud famously likened female sexuality to a ‘dark continent’. “After all,” he writes, “the sexual life of adult women is a ‘dark continent’ for psychology”

And, it’s often an apt and potent metaphor.

I know many men … and, indeed, women can relate.

This telling figure of speech invokes misty apparitions of a strange, foreign land – an obscure, weird and wild, unfamiliar place.

It conjures elusive impressions of an uncharted, and likely perilous, territory, where you can’t see the wood for the trees.

It’s a cryptic vision … of an inscrutable realm, where it’s hard to see the way and keep your footing.

So, should you stay at ‘home’?

And so, this involves a journey that’s not for the fainthearted – or the easily offended – or, indeed, anyone averse to anything beyond the familiar surroundings of ‘home’.

And, it’s not for the insolent or profane. Instead, you’ll need to cultivate a profound (and curious) respect for the geology, or essential nature, of this land and its associated culture and customs.

And, likewise, it’s not for those who just want to appear, or otherwise be seen to be, profanely ‘successful’ … and to jealously boast then of vein conquests and travels abroad.

Illustration of Jason and the Golden Fleece
Jason and the Golden Fleece (with Medea, Orpheus, and the serpent) illustration by Charles Kingsley (1819-1875). Image from ‘The Heroes’ by Charles Kingsley, published by Macmillan and Co, London (1905)

The ultimate adventure

BUT, I know of no more wonderful world … not to be jealously conquered … but reverently explored, with …

  • the torch-light of LOVE … and TRUTH …
  • a doggedly shrewd, but discreetly humble, child-like curiosity and wide-eyed sense of wonder …
  • and a pioneering pilgrim’s sacred sense of romance and adventure.

This is, to my mind at least, THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE, or at least the chief part, or purpose, thereof.

Indeed, I’ve often marvelled at the extraordinary treasures and delights I’ve unearthed, or stumbled upon, on my oft floundering, but alchemic, odyssey through this frequently weird and wonderful land. And, likewise, I’ve often been astounded … by obscure discoveries there.

To understand women, ‘Turn to the Poets’, said Freud in the end

And so, whilst Freud recognised he didn’t properly understand women and female sexuality, he, nonetheless, more wisely says, in the end, “if you want to know more about femininity, enquire from your own experiences of life or turn to the poets”.

In other words, to understand women, he finally recommends we should look within and without … or ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. He thus suggests we should develop the art the art of self-cultivation through transcendent literary culture.

But why?

Because these enduring giants of timeless literature can help illuminate the way and hence speed our path. And that’s because their literary works are, as I’ve said before, oft marked by the piercing wisdom of their extraordinary capacity for deep feeling and profound thought.

An ancient map of a ‘dark continent’: the finest guide I know to this mysterious terrain

And so, for those with the heart for this pioneering odyssey then, you’re sure to benefit from, what I consider, the finest available map of, or guide to, this mysterious terrain.

That’s the immortal poet Ovid‘s timeless, and time-tested, classic love seduction masterpiece Ars Amatoria – or, in English, Art of Love. It’s a peerless work of ancient literature … and the work then of a bona-fide, candidly-sentient aesthetic and intellectual giant.

Ovid’s amorous art is, in my experience, the optimum map to read on the road of love seduction, without getting lost en route.

This extraordinary series of love seduction manuals then is succinctly packed with a rare hoard of timeless, and time-tested, dazzlingly witty epigrammatic tips, for both men and women, on the art of classic love seduction and how to become an extraordinary lover.

They’re abundant treasure-troves of wit and wisdom in the artful adventure of love, dramatic love, and love affairs.

Plus, of course, they’ll help you understand women … and thus fathom their oft enigmatic mysteries.

Ovid’s Ars Amatoria (Art of Love) then is, and probably always will be, to my mind, the classic seminal text (or, figuratively, The Word of Venus) on the art of love seduction.

And, of course, for your quick and easy digestion of it, you’ll benefit from it immeasurably more with the most elegant and accessible version you’ll find available anywhere today.

That is …

The Word of Venus Art of Love

These then are the unprecedented Word of Venus editions. They’re easy-to-read-and-scan user-friendly manuals for the twenty-first century … and for today’s students, and would-be students, of Ovid’s amorous art.

Never since ancient times have these now largely obscure books been so easy to comprehend – without extensive knowledge of classical mythology and the ancient world.

To learn more, and get your copies then of this ancient map of a ‘dark continent’, simply visit today.

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P.S. I’ve read heaps of dating and seduction literature over the years. Whilst some of what I’ve read was helpful in some respects, and to varying degrees, much of it, I found, was dubious at best. Of all I’ve studied, however, the most helpful, insightful, and delightful to read and remember is, by far, The Word of Venus editions of Ovid’s timeless love seduction classic Ars Amatoria (Art of Love).