How to Engage the Woman You Want in Seductive Conversation

Image of 'Thetis Bringing the Armour to Achilles'
‘Thetis Bringing the Armour to Achilles’, engraving by William Bond (1772 – 1827) after painting by Benjamin West (1738-1820). Image from ‘Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama’ (1892) by Ebenezer Cobham Brewer (1810–1897)

Before your youth with marriage is oppresst,
Make choice of one who suits your humour best.
And such a damsel drops not from the sky;
She must be sought for with a curious eye.

– Ovid, ‘Ars Amatoria’ I, transl. John Dryden

Now, let’s imagine for a moment you’re out and about and looking for love. You’re scanning your haunts, say, or those places where you’re, perhaps, likely to find a lover.

And then, by Jove, you see her – like the goddess herself walking amongst mere mortals.

Oh, Venus, there she is!

She may be browsing in a shop, just walking down the street, or sat drinking in a café – or, indeed, in any one of numerous otherwise prosaic situations.

But now what?

Confounded thoughts and fears, no doubt, are racing through your mind. But then, before you’ve had time to gather your thoughts, she’s gone.

Sounds familiar?

Indeed, I think we’ve all been there before.

What’s more, the chances are you’re not going to find what you want if you just wait for her to fall into your lap. So, you’ll need to be prepared then to approach and engage a beauty in any one of numerous situations.

But how do you get her attention and begin a conversation? What do you say? And how do you engage her after that?

Image of CupidsA Lover’s Tool-Kit of Seductive Social Skills

Well, this is the introduction to a series of posts I’ve written to help you smoothly approach and start a conversation with a nymph who takes your fancy, in just about any situation, and engage her then in a seductive interaction.

This series then will help ensure you’re better prepared by first knowing how to approach her and start a conversation … and then how to go on from there.

So, I’ve broken this process down then, more or less step by step, to clarify the skills you’ll need to master. Each step, or skill, involved, meanwhile, is the focus of each post in this series. Here are the skills we’re going to cover then to help equip you for the task:

1) How to Smoothly Approach a Woman in Almost Any Situation

2) Seductive Non-Verbal Communication Skills to Make a Potent First Impression

3) How to Start a Conversation with a Woman in Almost Any Situation

4) How to Smoothly Start a Situational Conversation When Cupid’s Arrow Strikes

5) How to Start a Conversation Directly with a Compliment When Cupid’s Arrow Strikes

6) Scintillating Small Talk for Getting to Know a Woman

7) 4 Conversational Keys for Exploring a Woman’s Mind

8) 4 Seductive Conversation Skills to Connect with a Woman

Applying these skills then should empower you more to meet the sort of woman you want. And, combined with the first two books of The Word of Venus Art of Love, you’ll be that much better equipped for your adventures then in the art of love.

And so, in the next post then, we’ll begin with how to approach her …